Vacuum Area Gripping Systems

Universal grippers for handling different workpieces

The vacuum area gripping systems FXP and FMP guarantee maximum flexibility during automated handling processes. This universal gripper makes automated palletizing, depalletizing, order picking and sorting of the most varied goods in varying dimensions with only one gripper possible. Workpieces made from the most varied materials, such as carton, wood, metal sheets (dry) and plastic, both with and without cut-outs, can be handled.


  • Universal gripper for handling workpieces regardless of size, geometry, material and surface
  • Handling of workpieces made from various materials, such as wood (coated or unplaned), packaging (boxes, bags or cans), metal sheets, glass, plastics, CFRP, etc.
  • Handling of porous workpieces and workpieces with gaps
  • Handling of workpieces with an undefined pick-up position
  • Mark-free handling of sensitive workpieces such as display glass
  • Ideal for use on robots due to its low weight

Your Benefits

  • A benchmark test indicates that the FXP / FMP series from Schmalz generates an 86 % higher suction force on average than comparable grippers on the market
  • Handling of workpieces wider than 20 mm, regardless of material, geometry, surface and position
  • Optimization of the flow ensures that energy is used more efficiently, which permanently reduces operating costs
  • Maximum acceleration within the process and reducing system costs by use of smaller robots
  • Low-noise operation with a sound level of only 74 dB(A)
  • Easy retooling of flow technology and fast replacement of sealing elements

Area Gripping Systems FXP/FMP

FXP: As a unit that is ready for connection, the FXP area gripping system is ready with integrated vacuum generation. With its high flow rate, this ensures high holding force especially in the case of porous workpieces.

FMP: The FMP area gripping system has a connection for external vacuum generators and is therefore ideal for operation with high performance pumps and blowers.

  • Universal gripper for handling workpieces regardless of their size, geometry, the material used or their surface
  • Handling of workpieces made from various materials such as wood or packaging
  • Handling of porous workpieces and workpieces with gaps

Area Gripping Systems SBX

The SBX area gripping system is an extra robust gripper for the wood industry. It even enables the safe handling of highly warped workpieces. The maximum system pressure is maintained even under partial usage by turning off non-used suction cells.

  • Sturdy gripping system for powerful handling of lumber, planed or glued timber, sheet materials, construction timber and pallets
  • Handling of naturally grown wood with knots or cracks or with rough surfaces
  • Ideal for the rough application conditions in saw mills or in woodworking and furniture construction