Jib Cranes

Design and Function

Our Jib Cranes come on two different versions. Column mounted & wall mounted. Our wall mounted Jib cranes can be attached to exciting building steel work (If substantial enough), this saves space. If there isn't any steel work to attached to our column mounted jib cranes are used.

Jib Cranes are very versatile in their use, and can be combined with a chain hoist, rope hoist, rope balancer or chain hoist with lifting device. When installing the crane on a column, the pivoting angle is 270°. The crane can be installed freestanding in the room.

For a weight of up to 1,000 kg, the Column Slewing Cranes use aluminium crane rails. This guarantees extreme responsiveness. Once a load of more than 1,000 kg is to be lifted, steel crane rails are used.


  • Outstanding low friction operation thanks to low moving mass
  • High speed operation and positioning accuracy
  • Supports ergonomic operation while reducing strain on workers
  • Large operating range thanks to generous swivel angle
  • Adjustable travel path thanks to variable end stops
  • High quality wear resistant components
  • Modern design with anodized surfaces
Jib Cranes
Jib Cranes
Jib Cranes

Jib Crane Components

Jib Cranes

Easy to move pivot bearing

  • Effortless swivelling even close to the pivot bearing
  • Easy mounting even when the ceiling height is low thanks to two separate bearing bolts
  • Maintenance free spherical bearing
Jib Cranes

Low friction transport trolley

  • Sturdy pressure cast aluminium design
  • Secure connection of all types of hoists
  • Optimal running performance thanks to large rollers made from high performance plastic
Jib Cranes

Trailing cable

  • Standard energy supply via cable trolley in the aluminium section
  • Suitable for power cables (flat cables) and hoses (vacuum and compressed air)
Jib Cranes

Conductor line

  • Wireless power supply via insulated plastic rails
  • There are no cable storage devices or cable loops to cause interference
  • Travel path between pivot bearing and transport trolley up to 400 mm larger