VacuMaster HHVM


  • For very narrow pieces such as kitchen countertops or cutting scraps
  • Removing wooden boards from upright storage
  • Loading and unloading vertical saws

Design and Function

  • Vacuum lifting device with flat design and front-side operator handle
  • Highly reliable manual slide valve to turn on/off the vacuum
  • Highly responsive pivot bearing with pneumatic latch bolt
  • Pneumatic vacuum ejector with high suction flow rate
  • Air-saving control to reduce energy consumption
  • Audible warning device and vacuum reservoir for redundant safety in loss of vacuum and power failure respectively
  • Offset suction plates available with either single or double deactivation

Your Benefits

  • Lifting and swivelling of wooden boards allows for increased productivity
  • Low overall height allows it to be used in tight spaces
  • Low energy consumption with high suction flow rate
Type Max. lift capacity* [kg] Min. workpiece format [mm] Max. workpiece format [mm] Number of suction plates ∅ suction plates [mm]
HHVM 100 100 1,350 x 420 4,100 x 3,050 4 250
HHVM 150 150 1,600 x 420 4,100 x 3,050 6 250
HHVM 200 200 1,950 x 420 4,100 x 2,100 8 1,000 x 675